Sunday, April 17, 2011

Translations: Yukata Fashion - Anecan July 2010

Over on the Immortal Geisha forums, user "tzippurah" is known for uploading a ton of Japanese magazine scans related to kimono. I asked her for permission to translate and repost some of her scans as there's not a lot of translation into English about kimono and such. And it's a fun way for me to work on my Japanese!

She kindly agreed and has my great thanks: I'm not sure when or how often I'll be putting translations up, but I'll try to do a variety of things.

Today is a spread from Anecan July 2010 focusing on women's yukata (summer kimono). The small print is too tiny for me to read, but from what I can see most of it is outfit rundowns with the usual ad copy, item name, and cost list.

(I think in the translation process I learned about six new ways to say "stylish"!)

 Red and pink: eternally beloved colors! With the colors of "Scarlet and Cherry Blossoms," a subtle cuteness for adults… Whether in Western-style clothing or Japanese, red and pink are popular colors.

If you are a maiden dressed in the color and pattern of cherry blossoms, is the old saying "People prefer eating dango sweets to looking at flowers" really true after all?
Wishing for stylish florals… through the magic of yukata, a prediction likely to come true!
 "White and Off-White": a beauty of quiet elegance

A white yukata ensemble finished with crisp designs: must-have accessory? A heart that loves chic sophistication.
 Top: Clad in flower designs… If we stand, Chinese peonies. If we sit, tree peonies. When we walk, our silhouettes will be lily flowers, perhaps?
 In "Shades of Indigo and Light Blue", lively girls!

Thumbs up from traditionalists! Let's enjoy midsummer in cool, refreshing colors.

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