Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rakuten and Buyo Techniques

If you've never used Rakuten (I have friends who swear by it), it's a collection of online Japanese stores that (usually) speak simple English and ship internationally. I placed my first order through the site yesterday, for a super-tall-size yukata wide enough wrist to wrist to accommodate the sleeve moves in my dance class and my extra-long reach. Apparently I missed my calling as a boxer...^_^;

I'll let y'all know how the purchase works out and recommend the shop if I have a good experience with them!

I had my third lesson yesterday, working through what I've learned so far and adding more steps to the dance I'm learning (in theory... I'm pretty bad at this!). So far, though I'm sure there are more, I've learned at least three ways to hold a kimono sleeve in your hand.

The first is basically making a "come here, baby" curl with your index finger landing over your thumb (pinching the edge of your sleeve) with your other fingers curled into a loose fist. Only the tip of your index finger shows.

The second is the same positioning, but your ring and pinky finger catch and pinch the edge of the sleeve against your palm and your entire hand is exposed.

The final one is where your fingers all extend straight, but while your other fingers are inside the sleeve, the index finger is outside, the sleeve lying between your index and middle finger. The kimono sleeve naturally drapes atop your index finger again, hiding it.

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