Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now on Tumblr!

Just a quick note here!

I may be late to the party, but I now have a Tumblr account. :)

Its focus will be photos I snap of kimono-related stuff and general life in Japan, as well as reblogs of related things I think y'all might like. In no way will it affect my productivity as a human bei-- wait, did I just spend an hour looking at kimono scans? XD


mysli said...

Oh, you made the mistake of your life, coming to tumblr... You will never again be able to leave! (and if you spend only an hour on tumblr, you're good. others get lost for days!)
But, whey, my first Kimono-related tumblr I'm following!

Christina said...

You know, I have! It's a ridiculously amazing way to spend a long, long time on the Net. XD

And thank you!

Aline Fonseca said...

Me too, please, follow mw :)