Thursday, September 10, 2015

Video: Japanese Family Crests and Kimono

A quick introduction to Japanese family crests and their use in kimono, with special guest star Cat! He is very bad at being quiet when he wants your attention, and shutting him out of the room will just make him grab the bottom of the door with his paws and bang it in its frame. lol So I decided to try to have some fun with him being in the background. Thanks for watching!


laurenlibrarian said...

Hi--thanks for the video! My mother gave me a haori she received as a gift, and it has a single crest on the back. I was able to find that it is a variation of the Toyotomi kamon, so probably one of those common use crests, but I wondered if it is possible to trace a crest to an actual family? Do you know if the kamon reference books actually list the families associated with a particular crest?

Christina said...

Hello! I believe some list families that were known to use each crest, but they're not comprehensive lists as anyone can take any other crest if they'd like at any time. Thanks for your question!