Monday, July 4, 2011

Visual Guides: Top 10 Signs a Kimono is Fake, Top 10 Mistakes Artists/Cosplayers Make When Drawing/Making Kimono

If you're familiar with the art community DeviantArt, I've come and gone there over the years because I find some of the art really inspiring. :)

I've also seen a lot of mistakes made by well-meaning people who spent a ton of time on beautiful art or costumes using kimono, but didn't know much about them.

So I sat down and came up with two tutorials: quick, brief overviews of the kimono biggies to keep in mind. (Click on the image twice to see it full-size.)

Tutorial: Draw Better Kimono by *iheartsendai on deviantART

Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono? by *iheartsendai on deviantART

If you're not sure about something you see or a picture or costume you're working on, feel free to email me and ask and I'll help out if I can. :)

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