Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mamechiyo Modern Sale

If you remember Mamechiyo Modern from my post a little while back, the fresh and, well, modern!, kimono brand is having a sale.

Starting today and running through February 3, select items are 10%-40% off: in a bit of coincidence, the polka dot obi I mentioned before is one of them, down to 15,435 yen (~$170 US) from 22,050 yen (~$245 US). You'll need a shopping service or someone who lives in Japan to help you out, though, as Mamechiyo doesn't ship abroad.

(If you're used to shopping vintage or secondhand, Mamechiyo's prices can seem high, but as a rule kimono and related goods purchased new are much more expensive than used items.)

Skimming through the site, they also have a cute "Jack and the Bean Stalk" kimono, zori, geta and other obi and kimono on sale.

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