Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pattern Review (Lite) - Folkwear #151

A friend of mine is making kataginu (the super-wide shouldered vest samurai would wear over their formal kimono at times) as part of a costume. As he's new to sewing, I went over to help him get started, and got a peek at Folkwear Pattern #151 ("kamishimo", the matched set of kataginu and hakama pants worn with kimono).

From the Folkwear site:

"Since the Hakama is simply a large rectangle of fabric that is pleated to fit your body, the pattern does not have a large rectangle pattern piece (waste of paper!). Instead, there are complete instructions for measuring, cutting, and pleating the traditional Hakama skirt/pant in any size. The pattern does include actual pattern pieces for Small, Medium-Large, and Sumo-Size Koshiita (Backboard) and Koshiita Triangles. For contemporary sportswear, pattern also includes instructions for optional side panels to fill in the side-seam gaps that expose the underlying kimono in traditional wear.

The wide-shoulder Kataginu can be made to match the Hakama for a traditional samurai appearance or as a contrasting wearable art accent. Easy to pleat and sew, it completes a dramatic outfit."

The pattern was clearly labeled and the instructions were easy to follow: the pattern looks like a nice starting point for a good samurai costume. I may have to order it for myself!

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