Monday, May 3, 2010

What Do You Call...? - Geisha Whiteface

One of the trickiest parts of shopping for something or just looking up more information about it is knowing the exact name of what you're after. Every now and then I'll do a "What Do You Call...?" post about the odds and ends you might not know the name of if you're new to the topic.

The special whiteface geisha and maiko use is one example. Used in combination with the right stuff (for example, a wax primer called "kabuki abura" 歌舞伎油) it makes a much, much nicer geisha whiteface for costuming than greasepaint. It's what they themselves actually use!

The actual name for that kind of whiteface is "oshiroi" おしろい or "shiro-nuri" 白塗り. Searching places like Ebay with those terms will bring you more luck than "geisha whiteface".

If you're interested in a walkthrough of all the materials traditionally needed, check out this post from

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