Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ichiroya Update: Summer Obi-age

If you look a couple of posts down, you'll see the otaiko style of tying an obi. That big poofy box in the back is created using a couple of tricks, one of which is the obi-age.

The obi-age is a scarf that goes over a small pillow (obi makura) tied under the poof in the back to hold it up. You put the middle of the obi-age across the pillow, bring both ends around to the front, along the top of the obi, tie them, and tuck the ends and the rest of it in along the top. It's support plus a bit of color in an outfit.

For the hottest months of the year, cooler "summer" items can be worn, and Ichiroya's update today has a few summer-weight obi-age in new condition.

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