Sunday, July 18, 2010

Polyvore Design Inspiration: Water Garden

You may already know about Polyvore, the addictive site that lets you select different fashion and decor items and tack them up to form virtual "inspiration boards". Curious to see if they had any kimono, I tried searching for "kimono", but didn't find much. However, "furisode" pulls up a good amount of young women's kimono.

I took a minute to play around with one, using it as inspiration for interior decor. Whether you want to hang a particular kimono in a room as the focal point, or just use its colors and patterns for ideas, it's a fun way to get new ideas for decorating. This one gives me the feeling of a water garden, peaceful and colorful. I'm imagining a covered patio or maybe living room painted in a very soft blue with a bunch of white flowers and pink, lavender, and true blue accents.

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