Thursday, September 30, 2010

Renting Kimono

Kimono can be quite expensive when purchased new, so some shops rent them out instead. Wedding kimono, furisode, and other fancy kimono can all be rented, sometimes the rental alone costing thousands of dollars but still less than if the entire package were purchased new.

On the other end of the formality scale, casual things like komon can also be rented, for much lower prices. Here's a rental shop, Obebe-ya, with everything from komon to men's ensembles to graduation outfits and more, if you're curious to see how much it costs to rent rather than own new (or you just like looking!). The different categories are the red links on the left, the top-level links the main type of kimono or outfit.

("Obebe" is regional//Kyoto slang for "kimono".)

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