Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yamatoku Classic: Wigs and Hair Ornaments

Kimono dealer Yamatoku Classic has a new "kimono goods festival" sale up, with some good prices (5 pack of obi-age scarves for $30, 10 pack of obi-jime cords for $40) and items they don't usually list, like wigs, shigoki obi and hair ornament sets.

The usual Yamatoku advice applies: ignore the word "geisha" in the titles as very little if any of it is actually geisha-related (trying to pump up their keyword search returns, I guess?). Enjoy the beautiful items for what they are (the hair ornaments are, I believe, mostly if not all for weddings, as an example) but if you're after items that are specifically geisha-related, I'd pass.

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