Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reader Drawing Photo Gallery

Going along with the yukata contest post this morning (two days left once we hit midnight!), it's time to show off the "bonus points" photos several readers sent along that earned them a double entry into the drawing. :D

(You still have time to enter if you'd like to, bonus points included: just follow the link on the top right portion of this page.)

It's wonderful seeing people enjoying kimono all over the world, from Arizona to the Netherlands: Thanks so much for reading this blog, and for entering!

A photo session that featured lovely pieces from C Law's collection

 Eva's fun maiko art, above, and pretty maiko costume below.

 Kathiego's awesome bira-bira kanzashi, which she makes and sells herself.

Kornelia looks so cute in this outfit!

Yukimaru, on the right, and friend looking very elegant.

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