Monday, October 18, 2010

Yamatoku Kids' Sale

Online dealer Yamatoku Classic has about three and a half days left on their children's clothing sale, featuring a ton of kimono and clothing for boys and girls for as low as $15.

(Remember as always to ignore the "geisha" they toss in front of everything.)

Even if you don't have a little one to dress up, kids' kimono can work well as accents in non-traditional or funky Western outfits, the shorter lengths making them good as jackets or short dresses for adults.

They're also good sources for sewing projects: I made a short sheath cocktail dress out of a black boy's kimono several years back and will have to see if I can dig out a photo of it at some point. Anyway, I took the main image on the back of the kimono, an eagle perched between pines atop rocks and water, and made it the back of the dress, using a plain black fabric for the front of the dress.

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