Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cosplay and Halloween Ideas with Yamatoku's Kimono Sale

Kimono dealer Yamatoku is having a huge sale on wedding kimono (uchikake) and wedding reception kimono (kakeshita/hikifurisode) right now, with some as little as $20 before shipping. A few kofurisode (short-sleeved furisode not often worn) are also available, some sold with hakama as a set.

Because of their narrow range of high formality, none of the items on sale are really useful for those who like to wear kimono on a daily basis, but any of them could be the base of some really amazing cosplay or Halloween costumes! And unlike most other costumes, these kimono are pretty enough you could use as a decor piece when you're done with them.

Some costume and cosplay ideas:

- White wedding uchikake (shiromuku): Japanese bride or ghost, O-ren Iishi from her pivotal fight scene in Kill Bill. Or paint your own designs to custom-fit any particular anime, manga, or movie character (Yuuko from xxxHolic and Hana from Gate 7 come to mind).

- Any of the hikifurisode (the non-metallic bright ones): Maiko (apprentice geisha). Above is Maiko Makino, photo courtesy of Onihide.

- Color wedding uchikake: oiran (above shot is from the oiran movie "Sakuran"), ancient Japanese princess or noblewoman, Japanese bride

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