Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tokyo Fashion: Harajuku Yukata!

Tokyo is famous for its unique street fashions, especially those seen in Harajuku. When I lived in Japan, I found it interesting that trends seen in Tokyo could often be seen about a year later in the States.

That still seems to be holding true, as the mori girl and dolly kei fashions popular in Japan for a couple of years are now echoed in the "natural vintage" look seen in American malls.

Capturing the constantly-shifting world of Tokyo street fashion is a great website called "Tokyo Fashion". They make daily photo posts of what they see out and about in Tokyo, focusing mainly on Harajuku.

Kimono, as I've mentioned before, are being reclaimed by some of the younger generation in Japan, who happily incorporate them with Western pieces and wear them in new and creative ways.

Occasionally through Tokyo Fashion's street snaps, you can catch a glimpse of this rebirth of the kimono, as a fun piece of daily wear rather than a stiff formal garment. :)

Here are two recent examples:

(For more fun kimono looks and ideas check out CLAMP manga artist Mokona's book Okimono Kimono!)

Photos copyright Tokyo Fashion and used with permission.

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