Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kimono Coordination: June Themes

We're back to our imaginary, limitless kimono closet to put together an outfit featuring traditional monthly themes. June's themes include willow and hydrangea, so here we have a young women's outfit featuring both. (Technically the obi is a light, summer-weight obi, and you'd ideally have an unlined kimono to go with it, but we'll make do with this one.)

The kimono is a furisode featuring willow (June) and butterflies (spring or summer), with a fukuro obi featuring hydrangea, which you may remember from my Common Motif post a little while ago. The gold cloth and orange cord beneath it are the obi-age (the scarf you tie around and tuck into the top of the obi) and the obi-jime, the cord you tied around the obi.

All images copyright Ichiroya and used with permission.

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