Saturday, June 12, 2010

Western Motif Finds: Cinderella Carriage Obi

Every now and then you'll see distinctly Western-style items on Japanese textiles, and after looking at tons and tons of sakura, cranes and fans they really jump out at you. They are also, I have heard, more "friendly" to foreign wearers as, well, they're foreign and so are you. ;) Seriously! That's what I was told once when I went yukata shopping: the staff picked out a hanhaba obi with Western-style roses and told me that Westerners looked better in foreign themes than Japanese did.

(I ended up getting it and still have it: it's a pretty red with white on the other side, and if you've been to my panels or seen photos you've seen me use it for my yukata demo.)

Today's Western find is from Ichiroya (other than letting me use their photos, I have no deal of any kind with them, to be clear ^_^;), and is a beautiful fukuro (formal) obi featuring a decidedly Western carriage.

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