Friday, June 25, 2010

Omamori Extravaganza!

I've taught English as a Second Language at private schools and such for almost six years now, but tomorrow I take two tests (Generalist EC-6 and ESL) that, if passed, will allow me to start looking around for public school jobs as an elementary ESL teacher. Sweet, sweet benefits and cheaper health care, how I would love to see you again...

Omamori γŠγΎγ‚‚γ‚Š, as I mentioned in one of my very first posts here, are good luck amulets you can purchase at shrines in Japan. There are ones for certain specific situations, so here's the ones I'd load up on if I were still over there.

Success on Exams
Travel Safety (Test center is an hour away.)
General Good Luck
Success in Business (Hey, it's for a better job!)
Health (No last minute flu bugs.)
Love (Hey, Ian Somerhalder might be there taking a test too. Yeah. Or something. :D )

In fact, I'll take ten of each minus the Safe Birth one. 10 hours of tests is a long time, but not that long!

Wish me luck!

Various omamori for sale. Photo courtesy Kanko, Wikimedia.

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