Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ebay Seller Review: Japanese Antiques

This is another ongoing series you'll see here on this blog: whenever I purchase something from Ebay, as time allows, I'll review my experience with the seller.

Earlier this month I found a good deal on a men's formal silk kimono and haori (jacket) set in great condition ($60 Buy It Now) from seller Japanese Antiques. I've been wanting to finish out a men's outfit after getting some formal striped men's hakama for Christmas, and this looked like a great and affordable chance to do that (men's stuff can at times be more expensive than comparable women's formal wear, I guess because of the relative rarity on the secondhand market?). Below you can see the set and the detailed inside lining of the haori jacket.

Communication: Good. They let me know when my package shipped and kept me up to date.

Speed: Great! I chose SAL shipping, the slowest and cheapest option, and was told it would take 3-5 weeks. To my surprise, I received the package 11 days later.

Quality: The item was exactly as described, in "very good" condition. To be honest, I would have called it excellent because they said there were spots on the inside left lining of one of the collars but I can't find any. I wouldn't advise thinking this way all the time, but I did notice while living in Japan that often the tolerance for defects was a lot lower (what most Americans would give a 9 many Japanese would give a 7, etc.), so to be honest while I was very happy I wasn't too surprised it wasn't as bad as was described.

Packaging: The items arrived wrapped in plastic and then sent in a thick plastic bag, which as they're soft and not rigid presents no problems.

Shipping/Handling Fees: I paid $26.80 for insured SAL. Given the weight of the silk and expense of shipping things internationally from Japan, I feel this is a fair price.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Japanese Antiques and my purchase. I'd definitely buy from them again in the future!

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