Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Kitsuke

Happy Valentine's Day! Inspired by a recent red-and-white Ebay find ($10 silk kimono, woo hoo!), I tossed together a themed outfit for today using it and the very first obi I ever bought, a gradiated pink one that looks red in the photo. Doh! The red and white tassel ornament came from the back of a little girl's obi, so I added it in the kimono-magazine trend of sticking random stuff to the top of obi. ;)

The kimono, due to its small repeating pattern, is called a "komon" and is just above a cotton summer yukata on the formality scale. Traditionally, it's worn with a half-width hanhaba obi, as seen here, or wider Nagoya obi. I'm pretty new at actually wearing non-yukata kimono rather than collecting them, so I apologize for any messiness or mistakes.

Anyway, here's to love of all kinds, and spring coming soon! :D

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