Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Blue Isn't Blue

One of the disadvantages of buying clothes of any kind online is that you can't see the garment in real life. Between the lighting in the room where the picture was taken, any editing done, the calibration of your monitor, and differences in personal opinion regarding what color a color is, you can occasionally get surprised by what ends up in your mailbox.

I won a fukuro (formal) obi off Ebay a little while ago, and in the pictures it looked to be a true blue obi, which surprised me because I haven't seen that many blue fukuro ones. Well, the package arrived tonight, and it's a gorgeous, true... purple.

Purple is my favorite color, so it's all good, but it was a gentle reminder to not get too attached to the exact color you see on a screen.

If you're shopping for a very specific color, try sticking to sellers that allow returns. You can also ask the seller to provide the hex decimal number of the color, but again, with monitor calibrations the color 990000, which might look dark red on your screen, might be dark orange on theirs.

A final random note on color: While in Japan I noticed "red" seems to be broken down into two cultural ideas: what Americans would call a true red, the Japanese think of as a "Chinese" red. "Japanese red" is, to me, a very deep, intense red-orange.

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