Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ichiroya: Cheap Yukata Obi, Loooong Hikizuri

Ichiroya's updates today included a ton of cute, brand-new hanhaba obi, perfect for yukata or casual komon (small pattern) kimono, starting at $12. In a twist of fate, two days after I posted about the lack of hikizuri wide enough to fit my arms and one day after I bought a kurotomesode to hack up to make one, Ichiroya also has just put up an unusually long and wide hikizuri. Doh!

It's not specifically a geisha one, nor is it my style, but for anyone else out there looking for a reasonably priced (for kimono) hikizuri in a rare "tall size" to mock up for a geisha costume, it's not a bad choice at $180 compared to the real thing. :)

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