Monday, February 15, 2010

Planning Ahead: Spring Festivals

Cherry blossom season in Japan, usually mid-March through April depending on where you are, is an amazing time of year: the cherry trees bloom out in huge waves of pink and white, people come out for (not always sober) flower viewing parties, and it really does look like every postcard and anime you've ever seen. ;)

Several cities in America have their own cherry blossom or spring Japan festivals, including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Houston and Branch Brook Park in New Jersey. These are great places to have fun, learn more about Japanese traditional culture, and if you're a kimono fan a perfect excuse to plan outfits for. Now is actually a good time to start putting a look together, especially if you're new at kimono and need the practice or would rather pay cheaper, slower shipping on online purchases to avoid the last minute cost of EMS shipping.

Check around and see if there will be one in your area: you might be surprised! As for me, I'll definitely be attending the Houston one. I'm not sure yet what I'll wear, but I do have a pink houmongi (visiting wear formality) with cranes I might use if I can find the right obi for it by then.

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