Saturday, August 28, 2010

Japan in Pop Culture: Inception

If you haven't seen the latest box office hit, Inception, go check it out. For several reasons: great acting, interesting plot, and, as my friend puts it, men looking hot in suits. Lots of men. ;)

One of the characters, a Japanese businessman, is played by famous Japanese actor Ken Watanabe (thank you, Christopher Nolan, for not playing "all Asians are alike" in your casting and actually using a Japanese person for a Japanese role).

Because of his character's nationality, several tips of the hat to Japan appear in the movie early on: a beautiful room with traditionally painted sliding doors, an awesome mutiple-layer "kimono collar" shirt Watanabe wears, and shots of the country's famous bullet trains, both inside and out.

So if you need another reason to go see Inception, go see it for the Japanese stuff. Or something. :D

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