Sunday, August 29, 2010

Language: Three Ways to Say "Welcome!"

A quick post tonight!

Depending on the situation, if you want to welcome someone there are a few different ways to say it.

"Welcome to Texas" or a place would be "Texas e youkoso" _____ へようこそ (___ eh yoh-koh-soh)

"Irasshaimase" いらっしゃいませ (ee-rah-shai-mah-sey), or its more casual form "Irasshai" いらっしゃい (ee-rah-shai), is how clerks say "Welcome to our shop/restaurant/etc." to customers.

If someone has left the house they live in, when they come back they'll say "Tadaima!" ただいま (tah-dai-mah) "I'm back!", to which people in the house would respond with "Okaeri/Okaeri nasai!" お帰り/お帰りなさい (oh-kai-ree/oh-kai-ree-nah-sai) "Welcome home!"

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