Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rose Geisha Kimono on Ebay

Geisha kimono, generally called "susohiki" or "hikizuri", are recognizable by their padded, long, trailing hems and often low dip in the back of the neck, as geisha wear their kimono slung much further back than a normal woman. They also often feature classical Japanese designs or abstract patterns.

However, every now and then, as on other kimono, you'll see decidely Western motifs.

This rose hikizuri (and a similar green one) is up on Ebay right now for $150 starting bid. I'm reminded of both the '80s and the anime "Ouran Host Club", but it would also make an awesome costume piece for a Westerner doing a "Western geisha" look. :)

If you're interested in seeing more, two places often have some to look through: Ichiroya lists all of theirs under "susohiki" and on Ebay a search for "hikizuri" will turn them up.

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