Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Newbie Tips: Geisha Wedding Kimono?

When shopping on Ebay or online for kimono, you'll at times see listings like "Rare Geisha Wedding Imperial Kimono", usually with a ridiculous price attached to it. The kimono may look authentic and beautiful, but is it a geisha kimono?

There are a lot of similarities between the kimono geisha use and non-geisha kimono, especially wedding types, more than I can get into at this moment in time. So, coming at this from the perspective of a kimono newbie who is likely to be overwhelmed by a list of rather small differences, here's a very short and quick way to thin out contenders:

In my experience, any listing that puts "geisha" and "wedding" in the same breath is almost guaranteed to not be a geisha kimono. Geisha kimono and wedding kimono are not interchangable and either the seller doesn't know the difference himself (rendering his likelihood of actually having a true geisha kimono virtually nil) or he's trying to take advantage of others who won't know the difference.

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