Monday, August 30, 2010

Ryu Japan - 70% Off Sale, Ending Today!

As I've mentioned before, online kimono dealer Ryu Japan occasionally has "customer appreciation" sales, where they'll mark things down 40-50% for several days. However, as I've also mentioned, if you're a gambling sort and don't mind your item possibly selling out while you wait, the last day or even last few hours of the sale can see prices drop even more.

Right now, for the several remaining hours of their current sale, Ryu's prices are at 70% off, which means you can pick up a brand-new summer yukata and hanhaba obi to go with it for just $16 before shipping (yukata=$13, hanhaba obi=$3). These are truly rock-bottom prices, especially for new items!

As a note, I have no business relationship with Ryu: I'm just a collector on a budget and love these sales. :D

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