Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comicpalooza Fun

I'm a member of the Fan Force, a casual fan group for the Star Wars series. As a joint venture with the 501st (the Storm Troopers you see at charity events) and the Rebel Legion (same with Jedi and such), we're doing a booth at Houston's Comicpalooza this weekend.

After helping out with the booth (stop on by tomorrow if you're in town! We're doing fun green-screen photos with a Death Star hallway background and costumed characters for charity :) ), I changed into my newly complete formal men's outfit for a pseudo-samurai get-up.

Again, my kitsuke needs a lot of work but I had fun with it, and, as a costume, it's one of the only times I get to wear men's clothing (which is much easier to put on and more comfortable... lucky guys!).

I've got on an underkimono, kimono, haori jacket, hakama pants, tabi socks and geta sandals. If you want to play "what's missing" I should technically have big white poofball ties on the haori coat and zori instead of geta, but I don't have either of those yet. Maybe next time!

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