Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Yakuza" in New Predator Movie

While more than likely rooted in fantasy rather than fact, a katana-wielding yakuza character will appear in Predators, the latest entry into the Predator movie series and coming out this summer. I found it interesting that Japan has come far enough in American popular consciousness to produce even secondary characters that specific. (You can check out the trailer on the Rottem Tomatoes site.)

On another note, this one coming from my deep love of sci-fi and action films, if you haven't seen the original Predator I highly recommend it. While the ones after weren't as great, the first is arguably a sci-fi-action classic, and an interesting look back at the manly-man movies of the 1980s. Long story short, the Governator and his squad are on a black-ops mission to rescue a team lost in the jungle when it becomes clear something bigger, badder and more advanced is hunting them.

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