Friday, March 19, 2010

Kamikaze Con Kimono Mini-Report

At a local anime convention today (Kamikaze Con, going on now through Sunday), I grabbed some snapshots of kimono-related looks among con-goers and met the wonderful Amandah of Eroth Productions (site under construction now), who was selling vintage kimono at her booth. She had very reasonable prices and was both knowledgeable and friendly. If you happen to see Eroth this weekend or at a future con, definitely take a moment to browse through their kimono goodies.

Here are the con-goers: thank y'all again for your photos!

Warrior costume:

Wa-Lolita (Japanese-style Lolita fashion):

Homemade furisode:

And a quick, fuzzy shot of me at the end of the day, while we're at it. I tossed on a single-crested haori jacket over a black top and dark skinny jeans, along with my Egg of the King necklace for an anime touch. (If anyone can name what anime that comes from, I'll be surprised... it's an old one. >_>)

One of the presenters for the steampunk panels (another great group of folks, these behind the upcoming Steampunk World's Fair), had also worked a kimono into the overall look, a beautiful olive green hitoe (unlined) komon, I think it was, but I forgot to grab a photo.


Hasume Okaasan said...

Berserk is awesome. Are the eyes on your Egg open or closed, I wonder?

Christina said...

Closed! For now... >_>