Monday, March 1, 2010

Kimono Coordination: OMG Shoes!

When it comes to footwear, you have two basic choices with kimono: geta (下駄 gey-tah) or zori (草履 zoh-ree, and spelled zouri, technically).

Geta are casual clogs, meant to be worn with cotton summer yukata kimono or at their most extreme, dressed up with tabi socks for simple, casual komon (finely patterned) kimono.

Zori are more formal, and are worn with everything else. They are also always, always worn with tabi socks.

Neither are "indoor" shoes, because you take off your shoes the moment you enter a house or traditional building.

It's at times difficult to find women's sizes above a 24.5 cm, so if you find some 27cm ones you can just about guarantee they're for men. Another way to tell men's from women's is that men's, in addition to being bigger, will typically be squarer and more angular.

First image copyright Haragayato, second copyright Alexa Bender.

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