Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ebay Seller Review: Ryu Japan

Today's seller review features Ryu Japan, the same Ryu Japan website you've occasionally seen me post site updates for. I recently was excited to win a pair of 24.5cm zori from them on Ebay, as zori in my size (8.5 American) aren't always easy to find.

Communication: Great! They write you promptly with your invoice, and again when they ship, requesting you email them back once you get your stuff so they can be sure you got it ok. Very friendly as well.

Speed: Good! The package arrived through SAL mail 13 days after I won it, which is nice as SAL is anywhere from 2-4 weeks, typically.

Quality: The zori are beautiful and exactly as described. My only minor complaint would be the color is a little off from the photos on the auction, a pretty pink rather than what I saw as lavender online, but that could be my monitor or perhaps the lighting when the photos were taken? (If you remember my post about the true blue obi that turned out to be entirely purple, that was Ryu Japan as well). The zori fit me fine, being a true 24.5cm as advertised. Woo hoo!

Packaging: If you've ever been to Japan, you may have seen the insane amount of packaging that is the norm in a lot of stores. Ryu Japan kept that trend up, as the zori were very well-protected inside three separate layers of paper and plastic bags before being shipped in a heavy-duty postal bag.

Shipping/Handling Fees: I paid $10.00 for SAL, which I consider fair for the size and weight of the zori.

This is the third auction I've won with Ryu Japan, and so far I'm pleased with their service and find them (outside of the minor item-color issues) to be a consistently good seller and someone I'll happily continue to buy from!

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