Thursday, March 11, 2010

Join Me for Kamikaze Con, March 21!

Barring sudden changes, it's now official: I'll be doing another kimono panel, this one at Kamikaze Con!

When: Sunday, March 21, 12pm
Where: Houston's Kamikaze Con, room TBD
What: Kimono 101, an hour-long panel featuring:

-The different types of kimono and obi with real-life examples
-Demo of putting a yukata (summer cotton one) on from start to finish
-A brief history of kimono
-Common mistakes to avoid in wearing them
-How to spot a fake
-Prize giveaway

If you saw me at OniCon back late last year, I have good news: since that last panel I've added several new items to my collection and will be bringing them along! I'm also going to tweak the panel each time I do it, so even if you saw me at OniCon stop on by as I'll try to mix things up a bit each time I do a panel and to a small extent rotate out the examples I bring to keep things fresh.

The prize will be either a yukata or hanhaba obi or possibly both depending on what I can drum up from donors and my own shopping luck.

Next up will be a panel Friday, April 2 at Houston's Anime Matsuri. More to come on that in a later post!

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