Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bubble Tea

While not invented by the Japanese, bubble tea (also known as pearl or boba tea) brings back a lot of fond memories of Japan for me, as my friends and I would often hit up bubble tea stands while out for the weekend in Tokyo.

The "bubbles" are little balls of tapioca mixed in with the drink, usually either a milk tea of some kind or a smoothie. You get an extra-wide straw and eat the bubbles as you drink your drink. They're an interesting texture, and sort of addictive!

If you've never had bubble tea, try your city's Chinatown area or just keep an eye out as I've seen bubble tea sold in malls and stand-alone shops. If anyone's out here in Humble (the north edge of Houston), I recommend Tapioca Lounge for bubble tea. They're friendly, have a nice, clean shop and reasonable prices. My personal favorite is almond milk tea... yum!

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