Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doll Divine Kimono Dress Up Game

Doll Divine: This isn't a new dress-up game, but I think it's a classic and one of the prettiest! It allows you to dress up a doll in kimono a la the old ukiyo-e paintings (notice the trailing hems and looser, more natural obi) and/or have some modern fun with the hair colors and styles.

The only note I'd make is to be sure to click on the open flowers at the bottom to get to the next screen. The game won't let you skip ahead or move on unless you've chosen an option (the smaller blossoms for hair color, for example, have to be clicked before the next one opens).

It's a lovely way to both kill a bit of time and play around with a pile of (virtual) kimono that didn't cost you an arm and a leg. ;)


Kelly Maple said...

Yay! I love dress-up games like this, I can play them for hours without getting tired of them! Thank goodness my exams are over, and my holidays have started! ^.^

Time to make Nozomi, Umeko, Maiyuri, Hinata, Akane... *starry eyes*

lakshmanan said...
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