Saturday, April 10, 2010

Japan Fest - Thank You! and Festival Foods

A big thank you to everyone that came out to our booth today! A few of you knew me already from my kimono panels, and I met some new people and learned a few new things myself, like details about fundoshi and iaido: very cool!

We'll be there again tomorrow, at Hermann Park in Houston, from 11am-5pm. :)

In the meanwhile, in case you're not in Houston or won't be going, let me add a random list of my favorite Japanese festival/quick bite foods, inspired by the yummy food at the festival today. If you get the chance, try these out at your local Japanese restaurant or festival.

Kara-age- fried chicken

Yakitori - chicken on a stick (in America you'll only get breast meat, usually, but if you go to Japan specify "mune" for breast, or you might get other not-so-tasty parts of the chicken!)

Takoyaki - octopus dough balls (an acquired taste, but great with the sauce they pour over them)

Dango - sweet, sticky rice dough balls on a stick

Yaki-imo - roasted sweet potato

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