Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Photo Ideas

Spring is a wonderful time of year to get photos: in this blog's case, whether it's your full-on Taisho-era furisode outfit or a cosplay kimono you sewed yourself. The natural greening and flowering of just about everything works well with just about any outfit, as one of the best ways to get nice photos is to get a nice background: setting can really add to or detract from your efforts.

Here in Texas, it's bluebonnet season. Bluebonnets are the state flower, and bloom in huge, gorgeous swaths along the countryside. I snapped a couple of shots today when a friend and I drove out to see them. I wasn't in kimono, but I may suit up and head out in the future if I get a nice contrasting orange kimono. :)

A few tips for spring flower shoots in your area:

- Take a look around your area with the eye of a photographer next time you're out driving, and remember you don't need a giant field of flowers if you frame your shot right. Careful framing, filling the  shot with flowers, will suggest there is a larger field of them beyond the frame even if there isn't.

- Bring an umbrella or parasol to keep the sun off you between shots, and water or a drink, a small blanket or tarp you can kneel on if you're going to sit in the flowers, and remember to take allergy medicine before you go if you have any sort of hay fever whatsoever.

- Lots of flowers attract lots of bugs: if you're highly bug-phobic, this may not be a good shoot idea, even though your sleeves flying as you flail about swatting things might look interesting. ;)

- Have your photographer get down at waist level to keep the flowers from looking small (as will happen if you shoot down at someone from above).

-Try to shoot early in the morning or right around dusk: harsh overhead daylight isn't kind to people's features, and can wash out the color of the flowers and your outfit.

-Be aware of flowering times and don't put a shoot off. Many flowers only bloom for a few weeks at a time, with their peak period maybe a week long or so.

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