Friday, April 2, 2010

Anime Matsuri: Thank You!

A big thank-you to everyone who showed up for my kimono panel today at Anime Matsuri, and to Brian for helping me out! I always enjoy getting the chance to share my kimono love with others, and you were a great crowd.

For those of you who weren't there, with the help of a lot of volunteers from the crowd modeling (thank you!), we made it through all the types of kimono and obi, as well as putting on a woman's yukata kimono and men's formal outfit from start to finish. I didn't have time to show how to tie a a taiko obi knot, but now I'll have something new to show at my next panel, whenever that ends up being. :)

I've been asked if I'll be doing the AM kimono panel scheduled for this Sunday, but that isn't me: I believe it's one of the vendors for the con.

Photos to possibly come later if I can track them down. Have a great holiday weekend!

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