Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kimono Knowledge: Folding Collars

I just got home, so tonight's is a little late... doh!

Most kimono have collars that are quite wide, the reason being that you're supposed to fold them down in half when you wear them, folding to the inside to run the edge along the seam where it's attached to the kimono.

There are a few ways to keep collars folded: an older way is to sew loops of strings into the collar edges and middle. You just pull down on the loops to fold the collar over. In modern times, the same metal snaps you see on dresses and tops can be found on some kimono collars.

Once it's folded, you can also feed a thin, flat plastic strip (eri-shin) through the collar to keep it flat and neat-looking.

On more casual kimono, the collar might be made already folded, which makes your job a lot easier.

(Edit: Reader Diane points out that it is possible to find more formal kimono with pre-folded collars, as she owns a couple herself. Thanks for the info, Diane! :) )

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